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looking at really successful people your own age like “this could be me but i’m playin”

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"Don’t kiss me if you’re afraid of thunder. My life is a storm."
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"No labels" rhetoric isolates people from their community, history and culture. It keeps people from being able to articulate themselves and ask for what they need.It promotes a false sense of unity that only serves to further the dominant classes in society. It is a lazy way of getting out of understanding and digesting complex issues.I dislike this rhetoric and approach.

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Dear white people,

Here’s an idea

Don’t come to me with questions if you aren’t ready for a real answer.

I know you are used to having everyone tip toe around racism to make you feel less guilty but I’m the wrong person to expect it from.

Nobody beats around the bush or tries to comfort us when it comes to discrimination for people of color…

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things i’m fucking stellar at:

  • procrastinating
  • having really bad posture
  • wishing i was rich
  • never hanging up my clothes

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